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Working from Home

Working from Home

My name is Johnny Bryan Giles and I am the owner of Global Solutions – Expert Business Presentations and this is a business I operate from home serving Clients globally. I am a professional business consultant, business plan and RFP writer, published author and both branding and social media strategist. I have an incredible portfolio of completed work and I become friends with most of my Clients. This custom WordPress site was created by me to provide information about who I am and what I do.

I am an open and transparent professional who enjoys helping my Clients reach and then exceed their goals. I live by the spiritual principle that “what we put forth from our being comes back to us multiplied” so I am mindful of how I do business and live in my personal life. I am not perfect so my personal background disclosure is on my personal website (link below) under the About Johnny page at the bottom. I strive to over deliver everyday and I consider it a privilege to serve others.

Take a look around my site and feel free to contact me anytime to dialog about your business, project or venture as I welcome all inquiries. Have an incredible day and thank you for considering using my services!

Global Solutions – Expert Business Presentations is a subsidiary of my self-titled sole-proprietorship Johnny Bryan Giles. You can read my personal background disclosure on my personal website on the About Johnny page and please read my FAQ page on this website before you choose to do business with me.




I offer website design and WordPress customization through Web Design by EBP and you can see the site here;


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